Spring Showcase May 3, 2024

Last year’s Spring Showcase was superb. There were falls flowing, islands hopping, Colonial-era model building, music playing, kids singing, art exhibiting and adults wondering if they were as smart as a Second Grader. This year’s event is promising to be just as spectacular! On May 3rd, the CCA Elementary School at Calvary Baptist Church will open its doors for a multi-sensory adventure in which you will learn
what students have been doing this year. There will be prose portfolios to peruse, amazing artwork to admire, and a cardboard carnival to be captivated by. Wander through a wing of wild weather wonderings. You will hear kids croon a Casting Crowns tune and convey curiosities about their cow calf. Bring your astuteness and savvy to Escape the Second Grade Room. There will be prolific projects perfected with proposals and presentations and so much more. Be sure to mark your calendars and plan to visit our school to acknowledge our students’ achievements.
May 3rd 3-5 pm
Students will be expected to stay with their “project” until 4. Then they can be checked out by the teacher to your care. Please keep students with you as you look at all the exhibits.

As our tradition continues, students will have an afternoon snack.
If you can donate towards the afternoon snack, please indicate how below. Donations will be needed by the morning of May 3rd.

Please download the form to fill out what you would like to donate for the afternoon snack.