Claremont Christian Academy provides a rich, excellent Christ-centered education to all students God leads to the school, in order that they become fully devoted followers of Jesus, for any path in life that God has for them.



We will be known as a school where every student feels safe, where we watch out for each other, and where we represent Jesus well, striving to reach our highest potential. Leading with Love, Teaching the Truth, and Guiding with Grace.



Our open enrollment school is made up of students from more than 20+ churches as well as students who don't attend church. We believe that God has called CCA to assist and support parents in their responsibility to "bring up the child in the way he should go". (Proverbs 22:6; Ephesians 6:4)



We are an Approved Private School by the NHDOE. CCA is a member school of ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International, which provides CCA with a broad base of information and assistance in our academic pursuits and development. CCA is in the beginning process of seeking dual accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and ACSI. This process will allow CCA to define itself through a rigorous process of internal self-evaluation and external peer review. Accreditation is expected to be a 2 to 3 year process.

Accreditation of a private Christian school is not necessary for a graduate of that school to enroll in college or university. CCA has a long list of graduates who have gone on to successfully further their education in institutions of higher learning. Colleges are traditionally interested in the academic merits of individual students, their involvement in extracurricular activities, as well as nationally standardized test scores (SAT and ACT) and volunteer efforts.

Accreditation is evidence that a school has undergone the ongoing process of self-definition, peer review and maintaining high standards in an ongoing basis.



Curriculum:  from K4 through grade 6 is Abeka, Bob Jones University, ACSI Purposeful Design and other Christian and teacher-made and non-religious materials. In grades 7 through 12 our school uses a variety of excellent curriculums that are carefully selected to provide both a sound Biblical foundation and an ability to develop critical thinking.

Foreign Languages: CCA provides classes in Spanish to high school students because foreign language is required for those who are pursuing either a College Prep Diploma or a College Prep with Honors Diploma.

Electives: Various mini-course electives are offered throughout the year at the Jr./Sr. High school level to supplement the program. Elective courses vary and have included: Intro to Podcasts, Drama, Art, Keyboarding, Yearbook, Carpentry, Horsemanship, Chorus, Crafts, Career Expo.

Report Cards: The grading system of CCA is designed to give an indication of the student's progress. Report Cards are given to the students at the end of each academic quarter.

Achievement Testing: CCA administers K-12 Iowa assessments annually. These tests are used to measure a student's progress against state and national testing results. The tests are for internal and family use only.



CCA offers options for Part Time students as follows:

  • K - 5 specials (Music, Art and PE)
  • 6th Grade Electives (examples - Art, Drama, PE, Music)
  • 7th - 12   Academics and Electives (examples - Art, Drama, Outdoor Adventure, Music, Carpentry)

Contact the CCA Office for availability, cost, and for information.