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Every parent wants their child to have the best teacher who will give them the experience and tools they need to do very well in school. We were surprised to find that, at CCA, that means if your child is excelling in a particular area, they will first be encouraged to come alongside other students who may benefit from their strategies and confidence, and in turn, they learn that patience, perseverance, and gently building up their teammates are keys to success in real life — relationships and business. In addition, we’ve been very pleased with the amount of academic growth Elsie has had this year. A full heart and head — we couldn’t be happier with our choice of school.

Brad and Nicole Willey

“As a homeschooling family it was a tough decision to put our daughter into school after realizing that she needed more help than she was able to get at home.  When she entered the fourth grade at CCA we felt at ease with the atmosphere, their mission and the teachers that we'd met.  Our daughter thrived in class that year and we couldn't have been more blessed to see her growing and learning academically, spiritually, and socially.  We know that we made the right choice in enrolling at CCA.  Now all three of our children attend and we aren't looking back.”  -   Matt & Monica

“Claremont Christian Academy is the most welcoming school I've ever attended and will ever attend. The students are kind, funny, and amiable, allowing people to make friends for life. The teachers care about the education they're providing, develop one-on-one strong relationships with students, and don't hesitate to provide help and assistance for each individual person in their small classes. The atmosphere at CCA is like being in one big family! I strongly encourage anyone who's thinking about joining to consider it, because for me, the decision to attend was absolutely worth it.” - Hannah M. '26

Haley A. '21  -  “CCA, for me, was an amazing place where I could get the 1 on 1 time I needed with teachers. They made it a safe place where I could learn, and also be myself. CCA prepared me to be a young Christian, out in the world.”


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Having attended CCA from Kindergarten through graduation, I know the school in a way that few do. I watched it grow from a group of about twenty students to the much larger student body that it boasts today. This growth speaks of a need in the community for an academically sound school that at its core emphatically believes God's Word is true and has world-changing value when applied to the life of individuals.

Reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and mathematics are crucial for careers, continuing education, and critical thought. Because CCA was my only source of these foundations, I can attest to the school’s ability to teach these well. Furthermore, history and science were presented an objective, rigorous manner, not shying away from inconvenient and controversial topics in particular, a mandatory class called Christian Worldview helped to bridge the gap between education and life.

We were given the tools to build a strong worldview, being taught that our questions should not simply be ignored to pursue a pure religious or ideological dogma, but that we should use reason to understand the world. To spark this kind of thought, we read books such as Orwell’s Animal Farm, studied the classical arguments for the existence of God, and posed questions such as the problem of evil/suffering. Far from being a merely intellectual discussion, though, our teachers sought to instill knowledge that would make differences in the way we live. Lessons from former director Colonel Pomeroy have served me well in life, lessons such as “it’s not about you” or “take the hard right over the easy wrong.” These were not just mantras of the form do as I say, but not as I do, for as students, and especially as a student that studied there for nearly 15 years, I saw the sacrifices and choices that teachers made.
No teacher was in it for the benefits, the salary, or the status. They were instead simply seeking to make a difference in the lives of other people and jumped into a teaching role as an opportunity to be a blessing. They taught me by what they did that true success is not defined in the praise of man, financial prosperity, or fame, but in laying down one’s talents at the feet of Jesus and proclaiming, “Soli Deo Gloria.” C.S. Lewis states: “The work of a Beethoven and the work of a charwoman become spiritual precisely on the same condition, that of being offered to God, of being done humbly ‘as to the Lord’.” This condition is of eternal importance, and one that I learned through the example of CCA's teachers in a very tangible way.

The education that my fellow students and I received at CCA have allowed us to thrive outside of school. Since graduating in 2019, I have been the recipient of scholarships such as the George F. and Lina C. Fisher Endowed Fund, the University of New Hampshire’s Presidential scholarship, and the DoD’s Science Mathematics and Research for Education scholarship. I anticipate receiving my B.S. in Computer Engineering and my M.S. in Applied Math. The friends I have made at CCA will be lifelong. Many of them have since married other CCA students, me included. I say all this simply to show that CCA provided me with an education that has set me up well to thrive in our society, but I also learned that there is more to life than the things of this world. – Nate Frisch ‘19