Why CCA?

Imagine... a safe place where your children enjoy going to school,

a place where a Christ-centered education and academic excellence are priorities!

God is doing amazing things at Claremont Christian Academy (CCA) and we want to share our excitement about the school with you!  CCA has a proud history with over 40 years as a school. Over the last ten years, we shifted to traditional teaching methods and have undergone major positive changes.  We now offer a full K-12 program where we ensure every child attending CCA reaches their highest potential.  Our most recent graduates provide the best examples of what the school has to offer.  Recent graduates are pursuing degrees in engineering, computer science, graphic art design, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, pre-med and business at colleges such as the University of New Hampshire, Colorado Christian University, University of Maine, Lancaster Bible College and Bob Jones University.  Others have entered the work field full time and several are attending local community college.

CCA is also one of the most affordable private schools in the area.  We offer a Family Tuition Discount Program to families in need, and have scholarships available as a result of the new NH Tax Credit law that allows businesses to provide donations to private schools.  I would like to encourage you to check out our rates and scholarships, because you might just find that your family can afford a private education for your child!

Please contact us if you would like more information or to setup a tour of the school. 

Mrs. Claire Douglass c.douglass@claremontchristianacademy.com


On behalf of the school board, teachers and staff of CCA, I want to thank you for taking the time to consider our school for your children.   Should you decide to choose CCA, you have our solemn promise that we will do our very best to equip and inspire your children to reach their highest God-given potential in every aspect of their lives.

Mr. Jay Chandler M.Ed.
Head of School
Claremont Christian Academy

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