Financial Aid

CCA believes that any family that wishes to send children to Claremont Christian Academy should be able to.

There are three avenues for Financial Aid at CCA:
A. NH Education Tax Credit Scholarship (NH Residents)

B. NH Education Freedom Account (NH Residents)

C. CCA Financial Aid Grants

CCA uses FACTS Management for Financial Aid.  The FACTS Grant and Aid program provides personal financial information which is verified, analyzed, and sent to CCA.


1)You will create a Parent Portal Account.
2) In your Parent Portal go to “APPLY FOR AID AND GRANTS”

This is the only  way to apply for CCA Financial Aid.  The system will show your progress on the Financial  Aid application OR if you haven't yet completed this.


NH residents intending to apply for the NH EDUCATION TAX CREDIT SCHOLARSHIP (ETC) through the NH Child Scholarship Fund may apply after January 1.  Applications and financial information must be verified by May 5 for consideration.


New Hampshire created the Education Freedom Account for parents to use for school choice in Homeschool or Private School.  Families that qualify with adjusted gross income under 350% of the federal poverty level (Currently under $105,000 for a family of 4 - for example) can receive $3540 for the year per student.


This is the downloadable PDF document for the New Hampshire Education Freedom account.


The NH Legislature has passed an increase to the EFA.  If it becomes law it will raise the threshold for incomes from 350% of the poverty guidelines to 500% of the federal guidelines.

EFA Applications and re-qualifications begin March 1.  It is best to apply and upload the required financial, NH residency and IOWA test results before July 1 to be sure to have the information verified in time.  Financial data needs to be submitted and verified by NHEFA by July 17 in order to qualify for the full year's payment.  A prorated award will be given to applications after the 15th of July.

Families re-qualifying must submit proof of NH residency and IOWA test results annually and in time to receive the total award. Financial information should be submitted to FACTS Financial in time for consideration.
NOTE:  Some CCA families were late in submitting information and received only partial EFA awards. Awards for applications verified after July 17 qualify for a prorated amount for the year.

CCA Financial Aid Grant awards are normally made in the beginning of August.  Vermont families have few resources available.  CCA has helped families based on need.  It is best to apply early and complete submitting your financial information to FACTS Financial for analysis and verification.

Financial Aid Grants are awarded based on financial need and ability to pay.
**  NH requalifying families - if your address is a Post Office Box, not a street address-contact CCA for a letter to submit confirming your address.  Some families struggled with this last year.