CCA strives to provide a high-quality academic program.

Students are held to a high level of academic accountability.

We are an Approved Private School by the NHDOE.  CCA is a member school of ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International, which provides CCA with a broad base of information and assistance in our academic pursuits and development.   CCA is in the beginning process of seeking dual accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and ACSI.  This process will allow CCA to define itself through a rigorous process of internal self-evaluation and external peer review.  Accreditation is expected to be a 2 to 3 year process.

Accreditation of a private Christian school is not necessary for a graduate of that school to enroll in college or university. CCA has a long list of graduates who have gone on to successfully further their education in institutions of higher learning. Colleges are traditionally interested in the academic merits of individual students, their involvement in extracurricular activities, as well as nationally standardized test scores (SAT and ACT) and volunteer efforts.

Accreditation is evidence that a school has undergone the ongoing process of self-definition, peer review and maintaining high standards in an ongoing basis.