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Every parent wants their child to have the best teacher who will give them the experience and tools they need to do very well in school. We were surprised to find that, at CCA, that means if your child is excelling in a particular area, they will first be encouraged to come alongside other students who may benefit from their strategies and confidence, and in turn, they learn that patience, perseverance, and gently building up their teammates are keys to success in real life — relationships and business. In addition, we’ve been very pleased with the amount of academic growth Elsie has had this year. A full heart and head — we couldn’t be happier with our choice of school.

Brad and Nicole Willey



"When I came to CCA in 9th grade after ten years of homeschooling, I immediately soaked in the rich interaction among teachers and students! The student-to-teacher ratio allows for students to be involved in class and gives them satisfactory time to ask teachers for clarification and extra help. Classes at CCA are engaging and incorporate lots of variety to satisfy different learning styles. The best thing about CCA is the teachers, because they are role models. I enjoy going to school at CCA because there we are taught about God we are shown a Christlike lifestyle by the teachers. The teachers will always take the time to help me understand the assignments, which helps me to truly progress."



"It's been the best thing I could have ever done for my daughter. She's thriving. I feel like the school is all family."



"CCA was the best decision we made when it came to our children's education. They get to learn about God and all that Jesus did while here on earth, all while learning about Math, English, Science and History. Every year CCA offers new activities for their students, so they can learn in a more hands-on setting."

Ron and Kelly


"CCA has provided our son with an environment of caring, acceptance and high academic expectations. They are forever willing to travel that proverbial extra mile to support students."

Matt and Monica


"As a homeschooling family it was a tough decision to put our daughter into school after realizing she needed more help than she was able to get at home. When she entered the 4th grade at CCA we felt at ease with the atmosphere, their mission and the teachers that we’d met. Our daughter thrived in class that year and we couldn’t have been more blessed to see her growing and learning academically, spiritually, and socially. We know we made the right choice in enrolling at CCA. Now all three of our children attend and we aren’t looking back."

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