“Why We Do What We Do Here at CCA” by Miss Joy Chambers

Why we do what we do here at CCA

by Miss Joy Chambers

Claremont Christian Academy exists for the purpose of glorifying God by:

  • Creating a Christ-centered education.
  • Challenging students to reach their highest potential.
  • Assisting parents to fulfill their biblical call.

Source:  http://claremontchristianacademy.com/our-mission/

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, I along with a number of other people associated with CCA were able to attend a baptism where four of our students (including some extended family), were baptized.  It was a beautiful celebration and one that reminded me why we do what we do here at Claremont Christian Academy. 

Yes, we teach a lot of academic courses which require much brain power and give many assignments in hopes of our students excelling academically through this year and the years to come but beyond that, we have a great privilege and opportunity to be seed planters in all of our student’s lives.  As far as I am aware, these four students wouldn’t say that they trusted Christ as their Savior at CCA officially, but I trust that between the seeds planted here, in their own households, their churches, and other Christian ministries, those seeds were watered and came to fruition as these students gained a knowledge and understanding of what Christ has done for each of us and have trusted Christ as their Savior (John 3:16). 

We may only be a piece of the puzzle of many current and previous students journey’s, but I hope that the legacy of CCA in each of our students lives will be a positive one and in which they can reflect on how they saw Christ at work in and around them and I pray it draws them closer to Him ultimately.

As we look ahead to next year when we are dividing campuses in order to add and multiply abilities to reach more students, I pray we never lose sight of our vision to give God the glory and shine His light on the lives of our students and this community through Christ-centered education.