Seeing Light Bulbs Click by Mr. Tim Bonesteel

It’s hard to believe that we have been in school for a half the year already, and we’re moving forward. One of my favorite things as a teacher is seeing the progress of the students over the course of the year, and seeing those light bulbs click on when understanding has been reached.  

In the 6th grade Math these light bulbs have been coming on quite frequently in the past couple of weeks since we’ve been in school.  The entire year so far I have been challenging the students with a Problem Of the Day (P.O.D.) which engages parts of their brains that forces them to think creatively, come up with solutions to various problems, and come to a reasonable solution (not to mention have fun in the process).  

Meanwhile, in the 3rd /4th grade History/Geography classroom we are moving forward in the early parts of U.S. History, all the while learning about where our States are, as well as how to better read maps.  We just finished up learning about William Penn and the Quakers, and now we are about to learn about Ben Franklin.

Mr. Bonesteel grade 6

– Mr. Tim Bonesteel

Grade 6 Teacher, Grade 3/4 History & Geography Teacher