“On Any Given Day in First Grade” By Mrs. Karen McGhee

On Any Given Day in First Grade

Huge strides are made in first grade at CCA.  Students move from identifying the basic tools to using them in practical ways. From letters to words, from numbers to equations, students move at a fast clip as they acquire new skills.  In approaching the curriculum, I apply two rules: Use fun materials familiar to the student, and allow the student opportunities to “be the teacher.” By doing these two simple things, the learning process is much more enjoyable and, therefore, more readily absorbed.


Learning sight words with a twist!



Word building by focusing on vowel sounds or blends and clusters.


Students are active participants in the teaching process, assuring a more thorough understanding of the material.



DSC_0042 (1)

Addition and subtraction practice using counters to assist.


Studying place value through the use of pool noodles and active student participation creates greater understanding for the visual learners in the classroom.

 – Mrs. Karen McGhee, Grades 1-2 Teacher