Mt. Sunapee Ski and Snowboard Program! by Mrs. Cindy Haynes

 P1130745We have had no shortage of students (23) skiing and riding this season, but the snowfall amounts have been severely lacking (only 8″ in NH this month)! We had to start lessons later than planned (Jan. 11th instead of the 4th) and therefore we will also finish later (Feb. 29th). Please join us in praying for more snow by then! In spite of this challenge, the mountain’s snowmaking team has been hard at work whenever the overnight temperatures allow, providing plenty of manmade powder for us to have 3 out of our 5 lessons on so far. The Beginners are quickly learning new skills and the veterans of the program are honing theirs. I would like to thank all of the adults (12+) who are volunteering their time to drive and chaperone the skiers and boarders. We appreciate you all so much and could not do it without you! The beauty and majesty of God is displayed in His creation. I trust the students are enjoying God’s handiwork and giving Him praise and thanks for His goodness. “Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.” (Ps. 90:2 NKJV) Mt. Sunapee would certainly love to see the students continue to ski or board through the rest of the season. Please check out two generous offers below:


After School “Rules” Card – $99

The After School “Rules” Card costs $99 and includes six uses from Monday, February 22 through the end of the season. One use can either be an all-mountain lift ticket, lesson or rental equipment. If a student has their own equipment they can ski or ride six different days. If they need rentals they could ski or ride three days using three tickets and three rentals. Or, a student could enjoy two more days of a lift ticket, lesson and rentals. The After School “Rules” Card gives the student flexibility to choose what fits their needs best. The six uses are only for the student enrolled in the School Program and they cannot be transferred to or shared with others. The lesson is two hours for students up to age 15 and 90 minutes for students age 16 and over.

NH Vacation Week Full-Day Snow Stars, Mountain Explorer and Teen Tracks Package – $49

For $49 participating School Program students ages 4-15 will receive an all-mountain lift ticket, rentals, two two-hour lessons and lunch. This is an all-day package that runs from 10:00am until 3:00pm. This package retails for $135 and is available Monday, February 22 through Sunday, February 28.

Mrs. Cindy Haynes

– Mrs. Cindy Haynes, Ski Program Coordinator