WE LOVE SKIING and SNOWBOARDING!  by Mrs. Cindy Haynes

Mt Ascutney  Mt Sunapee 2011 048 (1)We have had a great group of students skiing and riding this season!  They are very good sports and have learned their skills quickly while enjoying God’s great outdoors as well.  It is exciting to see their progress from struggling with the awkward mechanics of the sport to smooth sailing down the trails!

One of the greatest rewards of the program is to see the beginners graduate up to riding the chairlift.  It’s so much fun to ride the lift with them while they watch what’s going on down below.  There’s a sense of awe at the height and speed of our ride.  Then, as we whisk off the chair together at the top of the mountain, we look forward to gliding down the smooth, wide trails ahead of us.  With lots of practice and patience, the sense of accomplishment leads to confidence and pure exhilaration!  

Breathtaking views from the top of the mountain are spectacular as well, especially on a crisp, clear day.  The beauty and majesty of God is displayed in His creation. We can’t help but praise Him for His power and might.  We say “Amen” to the psalmists’ words, “Before the mountains were brought forth, Or ever You had formed the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.” (Ps. 90:2 NKJV)

Even with the cold temperatures that we have been challenged with this year, our delight is not diminished.  Travelling down the slopes, and watching the trees go by on our left and right, leaves us feeling somewhat invigorated.  Our gratitude certainly goes out to all those inventors who have developed head-to-toe winter gear that allows us to keep warm and maximize our experience on the mountain!  

Despite the occasional “yard sale” or “big air fail”, the sport of skiing and boarding affords wonderful exercise and fresh air for our students as well as plenty of freedom to express themselves.  Their quads may burn afterward and they may have trouble climbing stairs the next day, but it’s all worth it!  Don’t you just want to join them?  Check out Mt. Sunapee’s generous offer to this year’s Ski Program students that was emailed out last week by the CCA office.