“A Great Start” by COL (R) Mark Pomeroy

“A Great Start”
It is hard to believe that Christmas is nearly here and that we will have finished 2 of the 4 marking periods for the school year.  As I look back at our first semester at CCA, I can clearly see God’s handiwork in so many areas.  As we end 2014 and approach 2015, there are four things for which I am most thankful.
1. God has blessed us with an incredible group of teachers and staff.  We have an amazing team of dedicated professionals who all have servant hearts and give so much to the kids at CCA.  I am humbled every day to work beside such wonderful people.
2.  We have more students at CCA than any time since we transitioned to traditional teaching methods.  With 84 students currently attending and six in our senior class, we have more opportunities than ever to pour into the hearts of these kids.  
3.  It has become increasingly clear to me during my time as the interim director, that CCA would not be possible without God’s provision.  From a human standpoint, CCA would never have lasted for so many years without God working through Calvary Baptist Church and our friends and supporters from other churches. 
4.  Finally, I am thankful for the great unknown.  Much like Peter stepping out of the boat, there is so much unknown in the future at CCA:  How will we meet the growing number of students?  Where will we get new teachers?  How will we pay our bills? How can we best lead these kids? …. and the list goes on.  But like Peter, if we keep our eyes on Jesus and are willing to take risks for God, then we will be amazed at His power and faithfulness. 
Thank you for your continued prayers and support to CCA.  May God bless your richly in 2015!
Colonel Mark Pomeroy, US Army Retired
Interim Director CCA

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