Grades 9-12 School Supply List

Supplies List: Grades 9-12 **Please label all personal items with student’s name. Thank you!**

  • All high school students (grades 9-12) need to have a laptop to bring to school each day. You may provide your own, or you will be charged $15 per month on your billing statement for a rent-to-own laptop through CCA (See information below on specifications) Any questions, e-mail Mr. Groos at
  • earbuds/earphones
  • Bible
  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Pens (blue or black)
  • 1 composition notebook (Science Lab)
  • Notebook for each class OR Loose-leaf paper (college ruled) in 3-ring binder
  • 200 page 93/4″x71/2″ College Composition Journal/Bound notebook (Health Class students only)
  • Compass & Protractor (Geometry students only – usually grade 10)
  • Graph Paper (Geometry students only – usually grade 10)
  • Calculator: All high school students will need: Texas Instruments: TI-83 (found locally @ Walmart or Staples, or check for used online–E-bay or Amazon)
  • 12” Ruler (inches & centimeters)
  • 3 x 5 inch Index cards (pkg. of 100) with Box or rubber band to hold index cards
  • Flash Drive
  • 2 Large boxes of Tissues (for whole class use)
  • 2 Large Container of Disinfecting Wipes (for lunch table cleaning)
  • Returning Students: You may use your crates from previous years
  • New Students: Tote with lid, approximately 1’ deep; 1-2’ long; 1’ wide.

Laptop Minimum Requirements Needed: Dual Core processor (Pentium, Centrino, Core2 Duo, i3, i5) 3gb Memory 80gb Hard drive CD/DVD Rom WiFi USB Ports Separate 101 Key standard keyboard – USB plug in, for Keyboarding Class

Note: Laptop Keyboards are not very good for typing, as the layout is compromised from the standard QWERTY keyboard. Also key spacing is too close for comfortable, injury-free typing.

Recommended Operating System (OS):

LinuxMint 17 / Cinnamon Desktop (closest to Windows XP/7 in layout & function) Windows 7 or Windows 10 are acceptable; Windows XP, Vista or 8 will not work acceptably with

our network or printer hardware Recommended Brand: IBM/Lenovo Think Pad

The IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad laptop computers are very durable, and have easily replaceable components that are inexpensive (batteries, memory, hard drives, etc.). They are business-class computers often available off-lease for reasonable prices.

The Linux Operating System is very robust and almost completely virus proof. It virtually never “crashes”, and operates faster than comparable versions of Windows. The LinuxMint 17 exdition will install and run much older Windows based software. It also includes photo software, office software, and multimedia players. There is a built-in “Software Store” for over 70,000 free software titles, and updates are free for life.