Grade 5 School Supply List

Supplies List: Fifth Grade

Mrs. Janet Peirce

**Please label all personal items with your student’s name. Thank you!**

Dictionary to keep at home for homework (small paperback is fine)

6-12 sharpened Pencils: #2 or mechanical (0.7 mm lead)

Extra lead for mechanical pencils

Water Bottle (reusable, medium size – not extra large)

2 Big Pink Erasers

3 Erasable Ink Pens

Hand-held pencil sharpener (enclosed)

Set of Highlighters (at least 5 colors)

Calculator (basic)

Colored Pencils

1 pair of Scissors

Pencil box to hold pencils,erasers, etc.

5 pocket folders (at least two-plastic covered)

12 inch Ruler (with centimeters and inches

2 pkgs. Loose leaf binder paper (100 sheets each, wide ruled – Please keep one package at home)

2 Large Containers Disinfecting Wipes

1 Clipboard

2 One-Subject Spiral Notebooks wide-ruled

1 package Graph Paper


Backpack for books, etc.

2 large boxes of Kleenex/tissues

Lunchbox (+ small ice pack recommended)

Sweater to keep at school

1 medium sized bottle of hand sanitizer


There may be a few additional supplies needed later in the school year. We will inform you of those as needed.


NOTE: a healthy snack is requested for morning break (fruit, veggies, cheese, granola bars, crackers, yogurt, etc.). Thank you in advance for your assistance in enforcing this throughout the year!