Foreign Exchange

If you are interested in this wonderful ministry opportunity, please contact

Claremont Christian Academy for more information.

603-542-8759 or


The host family is responsible for three meals a day and housing. The students come with their own spending money, tuition is paid in full up front and they have medical coverage.   The students can share a room with someone of the same sex as long as they are at least 12 years old.  Host families can house up to two students, but they need to be from different countries.  


Host families need to provide:

  • 3 meals a day
  • a bed with a window in the same room
  • a closet
  • space to do school work.   
  • Host families need to provide transportation to and from school as well as pick the student(s) up from the airport when they arrive and when they leave in early to mid June.


The students want to experience life in the United States in a family setting and can attend and do any and all of the things that your family would normally do  (church, youth group, outings, etc.)  We feel this is a wonderful outreaching opportunity for CCA and the host families as well as a wonderfully enriching experience for the current students at CCA!!


The sending organization is Youth For Understanding.