Elementary Dress Code (Grades K-5)



The following factors were taken into consideration in developing the Dress Code Policy:

    • Biblical exhortations regarding modesty, moderation, and proprietary.  
    • Appropriateness for the activity:

– Not too casual, which encourages a playful atmosphere

– Not too formal, considering the nature of children and young adults

    • Effect of orderliness in appearance on self image, respect for others, and a positive learning environment without distractions.
    • Understanding of the trends in styles, availability of apparel, and the desire to keep costs reasonable.


The cooperation of students, parents and teachers is necessary to maintain the dress standard.  It is very important that The dress standard is accepted fully and is enforced consistently. Enforcing the dress standard is not the sole responsibility of the school.  Parents are expected to cooperate with the school in monitoring their child’s daily attire.



All shirts, sweaters, fleeces and sweatshirts except the following:


  • No T shirts
  • No bare midriff
  • No form fitting
  • No tank tops/camisoles worn alone
  • No see through w/o solid shirt underneath
  • No offensive wording/pictures
  • No undergarments visible
  • No hoods worn on heads inside building

Males – must wear a shirt/undershirt under sweaters, fleeces and sweatshirts that are zippered/buttoned front.

Females – must wear a shirt or camisole/tank top under sweaters, fleeces and sweatshirts that are zippered/buttoned front. No plunging or extremely low necklines.



All dress/casual, except the following:


  • No jeans
  • No tight fitting pants; no leggings/jeggings worn alone as pants
  • No bare midriff
  • No sweatpants/fleece/wind pants                   (except on PE/Casual days)
  • No undergarments visible



All dress or casual shorts, except the following:


  • No shorts shorter than 4” above the knee
  • No athletic shorts (except on PE/Casual days)
  • No jean shorts
  • No bare midriff
  • No undergarments visible



All dresses and skirts for female students, except the following:


  • No dress or skirt shorter than 2” above the knee without leggings OR 2-4” above the knee with leggings.
  • No plunging/extremely wide necklines
  • No slits that go higher than 2” above the knee
  • No bare midriff
  • No undergarments showing




  • No bare feet
  • No open toe/open heel for students (for safety playing on the playground)
  • Boots are required for outdoor recess in winter months with extra pair of indoor shoes.



Hair should be well groomed. No extremes styles and hair must be out of the eyes.

  • No hats worn inside the school building


P.E. Days

(Physical Education Classes)

On P.E. class days, CCA students wear their crew neck/athletic P.E. T shirt* to school, athletic shorts or pants,

gym socks and athletic shoes to school.  

See schedule for your students P.E. class days


  • No tight/form fitting athletic pants/shorts
  • No shorts shorter than 4” above the knee.

Additional information: Students may wear athletic pants over shorts to school and remove them before PE class.


*CCA will issue a PE T shirt to each student at the start of the school year.



Every Friday is a Casual Friday opportunity which is a fundraiser for the CCA Scholarship Fund.

Students may opt to wear casual clothes (jeans are usually the item of choice) for $1.  

All casual clothes, except the following may be worn:


  • No holes in clothing
  • No hats worn inside the school building
  • No open toe/heel shoes
  • No form fitting pants worn on own (see Pants Guidelines above)
  • No see through w/o solid shirt underneath
  • No undergarments showing
  • No bare midriffs

Females – No extremely low or plunging necklines; no skirts shorter than 2” above the knee.



We have special event occasions where students are required to dress more formally and wear the following:


Females –

  • Dresses or Skirt/top combination in keeping with the daily dress code requirements.  
  • No jean material
  • Dress shoes (open toe/heel are acceptable for all grades)

Males –

  • Dress pants, collared shirt, dark socks and dress shoes