Cultural Cuisine by Mrs. Yerania Nilges

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This year for our Cultural Cuisine class we had a lot of fun adding to our kitchen, new international dishes.   It is important to remember that cooking is very extensive, is not about American food or Korean, Mexican etc. but it is about learning what you put on your table, where the foods came from and is it healthy?  The origin of all your ingredients, etc. 

The 7th graders learned about where flour, tomatoes, onions, garlic and potatoes came from. We also made some international dishes like: Peruvian chicken, pita bread, biscuits, cupcakes, and more. I have some pictures for you to see what they made.
They also make me as a project, something at home that they brought to school for me to try it.  It was good! I had a great time with them and hope they enjoyed it as much I did.
It was a pleasure to have them in my class.
Mrs. Yerania Nilges