Elementary Friday Pizza Order Form

Please place your orders below and send your money in with your child no later than Wednesday each week.

(ONE FORM FOR EACH STUDENT: For example, fill out the form below for one of your children, submit it and when you receive your response, click on “submit another response” and you will be able to fill in another form for another child.)

The Friday MEAL: 2 slices of pizza, juice or water bottle and a special treat for $4.00.

Or  you may purchase items individually as follows:

1 slice Pizza = $1.75

Soda/juice = .50 cents

Treat = .25 cents

(If you would like to pre-pay for Pizza Fridays, please indicate below and send in the total amount.)

Casual Friday pizza is delivered from Tremont House of Pizza. Casual Friday is a CCA Fundraiser. All proceeds go to the General Fund and supports our Family Tuition Program.