About Us

Religious Affiliation:

Claremont Christian Academy is a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church.  It is overseen by the Director of School, Colonel Mark Pomeroy, U.S. Army retired and School Board members, Tim Bates, Martha Fredrick, Frank LeBlanc, Chad Perron and Don Strong. The school’s desire is to serve the church and surrounding community by providing a quality Christian education. Click here to view Calvary Baptist Church’s Statement of Faith, Mission Statement, and a little history about the church itself.


Calvary Baptist Church: home of Claremont Christian Academy

Student/Teacher Ratio:
Claremont Christian Academy is able to offer classrooms that have a small student to teacher ratio.  The classroom average size is 10:1. 

Claremont Christian Academy was founded in 1976 and has undergone many changes over the years in order to continue to offer an excellent Christian education. Over the years we have been able to see our graduates go on to serve God in many different ways including missions, medicine, education, business, and counseling.